The Tone of Color

Color, Color Everywhere.  Choose color according to your personality.  Know what you are trying to accomplish and what mood you want to create. The various hues of color set different tones.  I just did a client with various hues of green.  Now her crib has been totally transformed.  Once anyone enter into her crib you see a whole new transformation, and WOW the bedroom it creates a calm, relaxing atmosphere that takes you away. Would you like the same feeling for your crib?
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Color Can Change the Mood

Color is all around us.  Color can create certain mood so choosing the right one for home can be a task.  I have helped a lot of clients that has gotten very confused by the various selection of colors.

Tomorrow I will visit one of my clients that wants to change the colors in his apartment.  Should be fun to see what colors he like and to coordinate with his exiting decor.  Stay tuned to find out what color palates was chosen.

Vary the view

Placing objects on a mantle should be of various heights. The goal is to create a skyline and not a level view. Some ways to do it are varying heights of candle holder, different sizes of picture frames or hanging a mirror on the wall.