Decorating Decisions

The decisions you make about how to design your interior should not be made
based simply on aesthetics or what is in style. Discover what feels good in terms
of the energy the choices bring to a space and what appeals to you emotionally.
Then uncover what will be practical and functionally best for you and your family
as you will live day-to-day within the space. For example, will the beautiful
fabrics you are considering for sofas and toss pillows hold up to the wear and
tear of kids, especially when they actually do “toss” the pillows? If not, find
another beautiful fabric that is also kid friendly.
The next step is to act. Once you have made a decision based on good
information, don’t fall into the trap of second guessing yourself and prolonging
your projects unnecessarily. Consider your options, make a choice, be confident
in each choice that you make (there will ALWAYS be another way you could
have gone, so why worry about it), and move on to the next task.