Add Color with Accessories

Accessories can add a big difference when designing a space, because they are relatively inexpensive compared to furniture, and can be an easy way for to gain confidence with color.  There are numerous fabulous accessories that are unusual and interesting, and colorful as well. You can use them as art as you design your “crib”. Here is an opportunity to be bold by adding pops of color through accessories that can be easily replaced if you change your mind, or used
in another room at a later time. Vases, glass bottle, and imported pieces can really add
style. Pillows are excellent for adding color and texture, as are throws. Both can
be absolutely gorgeous with the right trims and embellishment. A floral arrangement can do wonders for a burst of color. The mantle is a great place for these items, and large arrangements look great on accent tables in living rooms and foyers, as they can bring many stunning colors and different levels of height to the room, which adds interest.

Simple Solution to Keep The Warmth

If your rooms are drafty there is a simple solution that is well worth the spending…… Window Treatment.  Drapery lined and interlined keeps drafts out of the room, Honey comb or cellular shades in double or triple cells are excellent also.  Bottom line adding window treatment to your windows can prevent heat from escaping.  With the frigid temperatures we are having now is the time to do it.  Delivery is quick so let me help you warming up your room.  Email

Happy New Year

Well wishes and much success for the New Year.
 If you’re looking for a fresh look in your home for 2012 then come to Interiors by Harriet J.  email me  We will help you revive that space.