The Power of Gold

Gold is a fabulous color with a lot of meaning. It is a tertiary color that is formed
when we combine sunny yellow with friendly orange. When we think of gold we
often think of grandeur, riches, wealth, and extravagance. The color gold is
thought by many to be very majestic and even sacred. It is often intimately linked
with divinity and God’s glory. Historically and even up to today, the color gold has
been a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and success.
The color gold is empowers us towards personal growth. It helps promote a
sense of courage and confidence and increases willpower. With its luminous and
warm combination of both yellow and orange, is also the color of good mental
and physical health. People who love gold tend to be optimistic and aware. Gold
helps us to relax and enjoy life.

Well I just recently got back to work.  My grandma passed at the age of 99.  May her soul rests in peace.  Love you grandma.  It was great seeing everyone.  What a huge family but it’s all good.  Now I am back trying to catch up and move on.  Thanks for all the support.