Green can be Luxurious!

On the scene today and making a powerful surge going forward, are green
bedding products and materials that are as earth friendly as they are beautiful.
Eco-fabrics with the look and feel of fine silk, and attractive organic cottons
merge comfort with a feeling of extravagance.

But don’t be fooled—luxury still meets responsibility when we’re talking green.
Most homeowners who go for green couture are also interested in the story
behind the products. For example, one bedding line features socially responsible
linens produced in Egypt where the cotton is grown, spun, and woven, and the
linens are sewn and embroidered by underprivileged women who are taught
some of these new skills, and new companies are showing up all the time to help
provide a trade and business opportunities for people who otherwise would have

So if luxury is what you want, but you want to be socially responsible, go ahead
and think green couture! You help others, you help the earth, and you increase
the peace, harmony, and luxury within your own happy home.