Consider Scale When Using Fabrics

Fabric patterns come in all sizes. When putting together a room, you should vary
the size and scale of the designs and patterns of your fabrics. Try to avoid all large
patterns or all small patterns.

  • Mix it up. Large rooms can support large patterns and furnishing, but you must use your eye and your “gut” as the final test.
  • Learn to “feel” if a pattern’s scale will work. Do not use very large patterns on small pieces since the pattern can be cut off and you will not get to see what you were hoping for once the fabric is applied to a furniture piece.
  • Medium-sized patterns work well in many spaces, but be sure to include some smaller patterns for variety and interest.
  • Why not use artsy, bold, and especially trendy fabrics for accent chairs, pillows, or throws. Very bold and medium-scaled motifs can be used very effectively for throw pillows in small spaces, where you need a punch of interest, but where too much of a large pattern would not overwhelm the decor.
  • Throw pillows are a fantastic way to get a splash of a dynamic pattern without losing control of the design.
  • Small patterns serve well as accent fabrics.
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