Eco-friendly Cleaning

GreenEarth®️ Cleaning, an eco-friendly Solution which is made from silicone is very gentle on fibers. It won’t wear fibers or fade colors like most cleaning processes. One of the biggest benefits of cleaning with GreenEarth is that it is 100% odor free. This is welcome news to customers, whose number one complaint is the “dry cleaning smell” left by the residue of petrochemicals. But unlike traditional dry cleaning solvents, GreenEarth is completely odorless. It is a fresh difference everyone can appreciate. Safe for use in the home and around your pets. GreenEarth® is more than just an environmentally safe alternative cleaning solution, it is a better way to dry clean.

Window Treatment Cleaning – Swags and Cascades before and after

This is what happens when you don’t frequently visit some of the rooms in your home.  Here we’re cleaning some sheer off-white swags and cascades that lends a light airy feeling to the room.  After not visiting rooms in your home for a while some things go un-noticed.  These off-white sheer swags and cascades have lost their luster, why lack of cleaning.  My team had to work diligently to restore them to looking like the day they were installed.  It took many efforts but we did it. We’re delighted to showcase some before and after pictures.   The client was amazed and very appreciative when we were finished cleaning her swags and cascades.

Word to the homeowner even though you’re not visiting some rooms as you have done in the past, it pays to take a closer look at you window treatments.  Doing this will prevent a build up of soil in the fabric.  Build up of soil in fabric can cause loss of luster, color, beauty and drape-ability.  Window treatments are an investment and prolonging the life requires attention to care and cleaning.  So it really pays to clean on a regular basis.

Allergy Season

Consider this………….

Draperies, valances, shades and blinds are all very beautiful on windows but do you know they collect lots of dust?  My recommendations are regular vacuuming at least once per month.  Have them professionally clean once per year.  Yes, they never look dusty but when touched dust starts flying around in the room.  A closer look also reveal dust sitting on the fabrics.  Dusty drapes or any other window treatment is a no no for allergy sufferers.

Consider Scale When Using Fabrics

Fabric patterns come in all sizes. When putting together a room, you should vary
the size and scale of the designs and patterns of your fabrics. Try to avoid all large
patterns or all small patterns.

  • Mix it up. Large rooms can support large patterns and furnishing, but you must use your eye and your “gut” as the final test.
  • Learn to “feel” if a pattern’s scale will work. Do not use very large patterns on small pieces since the pattern can be cut off and you will not get to see what you were hoping for once the fabric is applied to a furniture piece.
  • Medium-sized patterns work well in many spaces, but be sure to include some smaller patterns for variety and interest.
  • Why not use artsy, bold, and especially trendy fabrics for accent chairs, pillows, or throws. Very bold and medium-scaled motifs can be used very effectively for throw pillows in small spaces, where you need a punch of interest, but where too much of a large pattern would not overwhelm the decor.
  • Throw pillows are a fantastic way to get a splash of a dynamic pattern without losing control of the design.
  • Small patterns serve well as accent fabrics.
If you need more help adding pattens to you room, shoot us an email


Check Out Fall Colors

The colors are a bit muted but still there’s something for your desire.

A Color Selection for Everyone

Neutrals if you like it quiet…..

 Some Earth Tones

 A Ha! Green that’s what you mean?

 Calling All Aqua Fans

 Blues If You Please

 Some Ash If You’re Gray

 Mix It Up As You Like It

So, whats your favorite color ha?
Come on dress up your home for the fall.
Add some character, some warmth, express your style!!!
Don’t know how to, we’ll be glad to help you.
Maybe all you need is some pillows or two…..


Just picked up a job located at 215 West 90 Street, New York, NY.  Scope Hunter Douglas Silhouette with make up stains all over.

Here’s a before picture;

Stay tune for the after picture.