Seniors Rule!

Just Had To Share This:

Yesterday I visited a 90 plus years old client, bless her heart.  She was extremely appreciative that I came to give her new blinds.  She says everyone says they are coming and they never come.  It was my pleasure to meet her.  She knew exactly what she wanted and I was able to fill her needs.  This is one reason why I like what I do.
Ms C you Rock!

Here is a pic of what she wants:

Hunter Douglas Everwood Extreme white

Wow Another Year

I’ve been quite busy all over the boroughs since the year has started.

I am sharing my hottest selling product currently.  It is the Allure transitional shade.  Here is a picture.  It is almost like a two in one shade.  You are able to adjust the amount of light in your room.  Let me know what you think about it.

Green can be Luxurious!

On the scene today and making a powerful surge going forward, are green
bedding products and materials that are as earth friendly as they are beautiful.
Eco-fabrics with the look and feel of fine silk, and attractive organic cottons
merge comfort with a feeling of extravagance.

But don’t be fooled—luxury still meets responsibility when we’re talking green.
Most homeowners who go for green couture are also interested in the story
behind the products. For example, one bedding line features socially responsible
linens produced in Egypt where the cotton is grown, spun, and woven, and the
linens are sewn and embroidered by underprivileged women who are taught
some of these new skills, and new companies are showing up all the time to help
provide a trade and business opportunities for people who otherwise would have

So if luxury is what you want, but you want to be socially responsible, go ahead
and think green couture! You help others, you help the earth, and you increase
the peace, harmony, and luxury within your own happy home.

The Power of Gold

Gold is a fabulous color with a lot of meaning. It is a tertiary color that is formed
when we combine sunny yellow with friendly orange. When we think of gold we
often think of grandeur, riches, wealth, and extravagance. The color gold is
thought by many to be very majestic and even sacred. It is often intimately linked
with divinity and God’s glory. Historically and even up to today, the color gold has
been a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and success.
The color gold is empowers us towards personal growth. It helps promote a
sense of courage and confidence and increases willpower. With its luminous and
warm combination of both yellow and orange, is also the color of good mental
and physical health. People who love gold tend to be optimistic and aware. Gold
helps us to relax and enjoy life.

Well I just recently got back to work.  My grandma passed at the age of 99.  May her soul rests in peace.  Love you grandma.  It was great seeing everyone.  What a huge family but it’s all good.  Now I am back trying to catch up and move on.  Thanks for all the support.

Add Color with Accessories

Accessories can add a big difference when designing a space, because they are relatively inexpensive compared to furniture, and can be an easy way for to gain confidence with color.  There are numerous fabulous accessories that are unusual and interesting, and colorful as well. You can use them as art as you design your “crib”. Here is an opportunity to be bold by adding pops of color through accessories that can be easily replaced if you change your mind, or used
in another room at a later time. Vases, glass bottle, and imported pieces can really add
style. Pillows are excellent for adding color and texture, as are throws. Both can
be absolutely gorgeous with the right trims and embellishment. A floral arrangement can do wonders for a burst of color. The mantle is a great place for these items, and large arrangements look great on accent tables in living rooms and foyers, as they can bring many stunning colors and different levels of height to the room, which adds interest.

Simple Solution to Keep The Warmth

If your rooms are drafty there is a simple solution that is well worth the spending…… Window Treatment.  Drapery lined and interlined keeps drafts out of the room, Honey comb or cellular shades in double or triple cells are excellent also.  Bottom line adding window treatment to your windows can prevent heat from escaping.  With the frigid temperatures we are having now is the time to do it.  Delivery is quick so let me help you warming up your room.  Email

Happy New Year

Well wishes and much success for the New Year.
 If you’re looking for a fresh look in your home for 2012 then come to Interiors by Harriet J.  email me  We will help you revive that space.