Decorating Decisions

The decisions you make about how to design your interior should not be made
based simply on aesthetics or what is in style. Discover what feels good in terms
of the energy the choices bring to a space and what appeals to you emotionally.
Then uncover what will be practical and functionally best for you and your family
as you will live day-to-day within the space. For example, will the beautiful
fabrics you are considering for sofas and toss pillows hold up to the wear and
tear of kids, especially when they actually do “toss” the pillows? If not, find
another beautiful fabric that is also kid friendly.
The next step is to act. Once you have made a decision based on good
information, don’t fall into the trap of second guessing yourself and prolonging
your projects unnecessarily. Consider your options, make a choice, be confident
in each choice that you make (there will ALWAYS be another way you could
have gone, so why worry about it), and move on to the next task.

The Tone of Color

Color, Color Everywhere.  Choose color according to your personality.  Know what you are trying to accomplish and what mood you want to create. The various hues of color set different tones.  I just did a client with various hues of green.  Now her crib has been totally transformed.  Once anyone enter into her crib you see a whole new transformation, and WOW the bedroom it creates a calm, relaxing atmosphere that takes you away. Would you like the same feeling for your crib?
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Color Can Change the Mood

Color is all around us.  Color can create certain mood so choosing the right one for home can be a task.  I have helped a lot of clients that has gotten very confused by the various selection of colors.

Tomorrow I will visit one of my clients that wants to change the colors in his apartment.  Should be fun to see what colors he like and to coordinate with his exiting decor.  Stay tuned to find out what color palates was chosen.

Vary the view

Placing objects on a mantle should be of various heights. The goal is to create a skyline and not a level view. Some ways to do it are varying heights of candle holder, different sizes of picture frames or hanging a mirror on the wall.

Revitalizing your Home with Custom Drapes

If you are looking for a fresh and new look in your home then some custom drapes is the answer. The interesting thing about adding some custom drapes does not mean you have to get rid of your exiting furniture, what it does is revitalize your room. The fabric and style of drapes are selected based on your existing décor. So if your décor is traditional, modern, contemporary, eclectic or classical there are fabrics and designs to suit your every palate. Drapery can be used also to camouflage your windows for e.g. it can be hung as wall to wall, it can be hung from floor to ceiling, it can hung wider than the window width to create a sense of grandeur or it can be hung to the window size, you can also camouflage the shape of the window to create a sense of balance in the room.
Fabric selection should be based on your desired outcome. Here are some points to consider before fabric selection.
Is privacy an issue?
Do you want a lot of light in your room?
Do you want a warm or a cozy feeling?
Do you want the room to be dark at all times or only in the night?
What is the main purpose for the drapery – is it for warmth during the cold season or it is just for decoration?
Is sun exposure an issue for your furniture or carpet?
Do you want the fabric to display a feeling of royalty or ornateness?
Do you want the fabric to display a feeling of casual or elegance?
These are just some of the many things to consider when selecting drapes for your home.

Window treatments should be cleaned on an annual basis. If the homeowner is an allergy sufferer then every six months is recommended. Remember it is difficult at times to see dust build up on fabrics and because of that the homeowner tend to think that the drapery is not dirty. Simply touching the fabric can cause the dust to go flying in the air. If you allow the naked eye to see layers of dust on the fabric then you risk the chance of destroying the fabric.

Rev up your sofa on a shoe string budget

Do you want to rev up that sofa without spending a lot of money?  Well a good slipcover can do the trick for you.  Be sure to measure the sofa so that you choose one that fits exactly.  An all fabric sofa (no wood trims etc,) fits best under a slip cover.  This might be just the thing your room needs to add some life to it.